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I’m glad to know that Georgetown have been listed in the Unesco World Heritage list, my hometown which I missed so much. George Town is a good example of quite well preserve of bygone colonial era in Asia and need to be visited by all tourists to understand the result of cultural exchange via maritime trade. The real treasure of George Town is not the old town or its history, but it is the unity of d

Chendol; It is one of my favorite Southeast asian desserts and is made from coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice and palm sugar. Next to these basic recipe, other ingredients such as red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, creamed corn and the taste is oh so heavenly. the chendol is available everywhere like in food stalls or food courts, markets, malls, hawker centers and hotels. the price of a chendol in a glass is about 3 ringgit which is less than a 1 EURO :O


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