What to do in Liege, Belgium


One of my favourite ways to travel is definitely by train. It’s eco-friendly and goes with my love for slow traveling. From Rotterdam it a three hour trip via NS International to get to Liege. I was surprised by the Liege’s railway station – spacey and futuristic design made by the spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Find here what you can do when visiting Liege, Belgium.


We followed the time to Momo travel route to discover some hotspots in Liege. Time-to-momo-liege-luik-belgium-irene-van-guin-Au-tableau-qui-dit-des-bêtises-lunchWe arrived at the restaurant Au tableau qui dit des bêtises for a quick lunch! After that we had to check-in to our hotel.


Hotel Amosa is right in the city centre and just a 5 minute walk from our lunchspot. After the check-in at the hotel, we had to visit Liege’s most eye-catching sights the Montagne de Bueren, a 374-step staircase.




While strolling up the Montagne de Bueren you wil find a war memorial as well as some panoramic views from the entire city of Liege. We enjoyed strolling through its narrow streets while heading towards Liege’s most famous waffles at Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette.


And of course a visit to vintage shops such as Velvet Time-to-momo-liege-luik-belgium-irene-van-guin-vintage-shop-velvet Time-to-momo-liege-luik-belgium-irene-van-guin-vintage-shop-velvet-2

And ended the day with a 3-course diner in restaurant Le Labo 4. An old chemical laboratory that is converted into a restaurant with a very creative and funny menu card (unfortunately just in French) but with pretty good food.

Time-to-momo-liege-luik-belgium-irene-van-guin- Le-Labo-4
Time-to-momo-liege-luik-belgium-irene-van-guin- Le-Labo-4-scallop
Liege can be easily visited within 1 – 2 days which is perfect for a weekend of city strolling!

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