What to Pack for a Road Trip



When it comes to road tripping, less is definitely more. You have finite space for baggage, especially if traveling with more than one passenger. To cut down on storage space without compromising style, try to pack as many one-piece outfits as you can! Cute dresses are a great option for the road as they’re comfortable to sit and relax in but will still look good in all the pictures you take along the way.

1. Layers (for every occasion)

Even if the forecast is supposed to be high 80s and sunny every day, you should still come prepared for a variety of weather scenarios. Pack a heavier over/outer-shirt, sweater, light jacket, and potentially a windbreaker if you’re heading to the beach or any body of water. All in all, having a few layers to play with will help you switch up your look on days when you need to repeat an outfit.

2. Wrinkle free stuff

Your favorite wrinkle-resistant clothes are a must-have on any road trip! Chances are that after a few days, your meticulous packing job will be thrown to the wind and this means your clothes may get a little mussed. Without an iron in sight, it’s best to bring clothes that won’t get too wrinkled (or at least won’t look bad if they’re a bit creased).

Denim is obviously a good choice—you can rock the same pair of jeans for a few days and they’ll never look worse for wear. Flannel shirts, knit sweaters, body suits, and harem pants are all solid options, too.

3. Favorite accessories

Dress up your road trip outfits with some great accessories. Be sure to bring along your favorite sunnies, a cute hat or two, and a cross-body bag for roadside excursions. You can also pack jewelry, but it’s best to opt for pieces that aren’t too expensive —you will never know what’s going to happen on the road.

In addition to a comfy, versatile wardrobe, here are a few other things that you simply must pack before hitting the open road with your friends.

In terms of beauty supplies, dry shampoo will be your best friend throughout the trip. You’ll also want to pack plenty of sunscreen, especially if you’re heading to the beach or riding in a convertible. Additionally, bring wet wipes, makeup-removing towelettes, and a spare roll of toilet paper(seriously, you might need it).

Finally, don’t leave home without plenty of snacks and water, a spare bag for dirty clothes, a portable phone charger (or two), extra camera batteries and memory cards, a map of your route (GPSs can break!), a first-aid kit, trash bags, and spare pillows!

It may seem like a lot to pack, but remember that you can share these last supplies among your fellow travelers. Just shove it all in the trunk and get ready for a trip to remember!

What road trip would you love to take this summer? 

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